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Making Of / 18 December 2020

Probably the last for one 2020 and it just feels meh.  But I guess they can't all be masterpieces. 

I'm beginning to think that black and white may be more my thing.




General / 06 December 2020

#ArtByAndre Art Portrait Process

Making Of / 06 August 2020

The Stars of Cracka” Get Real About the Controversial New Series.

Article / 30 July 2020
I interviewed two of the cast members of an upcoming film called "Cracka". Essentially, a present day white supremacist gets thrust back in time where the African Americans rule and the whites are the enslaved.  #indiefilms #LorenzoAntonucci #vishnuseesahai @REELRAGE 

#ArtByAndre Art Portrait Practice

Making Of / 29 July 2020

#ideasbyandre Zombies

News / 26 July 2020

Werewolves (video promo)

News / 26 July 2020

3 Wishes (Podcast Episode)

General / 23 July 2020

Today we explore what would be the most compelling story to tell using the 3 wishes trope.

#djinny #djinn #threewishes #creativity #ideasbyandre

Zombies Need a Reboot - Podcast Episode

General / 21 July 2020

Zombies need a reboot episode of  Ideas By Andre is available here and here

Let’s give the zombie franchise a reboot. By returning to their rarely discussed origins. #zombies #creativity #ideasbyandre 


General / 21 July 2020

My podcast: "Ideas By Andre " is now available via: Spotify.