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General / 06 December 2020

3 Wishes (Podcast Episode)

General / 23 July 2020

Today we explore what would be the most compelling story to tell using the 3 wishes trope.

#djinny #djinn #threewishes #creativity #ideasbyandre

Zombies Need a Reboot - Podcast Episode

General / 21 July 2020

Zombies need a reboot episode of  Ideas By Andre is available here and here

Let’s give the zombie franchise a reboot. By returning to their rarely discussed origins. #zombies #creativity #ideasbyandre 


General / 21 July 2020

My podcast: "Ideas By Andre " is now available via: Spotify.

New -ish Artworks

General / 21 July 2020

Ideas By André

General / 28 June 2020

I started a new podcast Where I generate new ideas on just about every topic. But almost always with a nod towards the Creative.  Think of it as my attempt to cure your creative block.

Voice-Over Artist

General / 24 May 2020

Finally adding voice-over artist to my list of careers.

Medical Sketches

General / 30 April 2020

Some quick sketches of human organs I did back in 2019.


General / 29 April 2020

I just want to say a great big THANK YOU. To everyone who has been buying my artwork during this crisis.  The money is of course very much needed, but perhaps equally important is that it brings me a little bit of joy during an otherwise hopeless day.  So again, THANK YOU.